Some Kind of Drug MP3 worth Downloading

The kids in the millennial times will never know or understand the struggles endured by the previous generation to get a copy of their favorite artists’ songs and albums. Records, tapes, and CDs were extremely expensive at that time, and most would even wait in front of their radios and attempt to record the song to their blank tapes only to fail a hundred of times. There was no way to rewind back, just be patient or save up some money in order to purchase the whole album.

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MP3 Music Downloads

In these modern days, anyone can purchase a single or the complete album without any tapes, records or CDs, because most of it is sold in digital forms in the media types of MP3. Indeed, there are plenty of songs that can be downloaded, but the best listed includes the recently released Some Kind of Drug mp3 by G-Eazy and Marc E. Bassy. There is no doubt about the sensual message of the lyrics in this song, as it is about the intimate and steamy relationship of two people. The sensation the man feels, as G-Eazy composes this song, was as if he took a unique kind of addictive drug that causes him to become extremely attached and nostalgic of the intimacy he and his girl were doing. If you are not too keen with the lyrics though, listen to the rhythm and the beat. It will feelas you are taken into another world, completely tantric and hypnotizing.

It Is Available to Download?

Of course, it certainly is from his official website or other sites that provide it. You can download G-Eazy’s third studio album too, because this sexy single is included in it. Furthermore, buying and then downloading the full album is more affordable than settling for singles.